Wedding FAQs

How Do I Select a Photographer For My Wedding? ​​

Make sure to select someone who fits your style, budget and personality. Find a photographer who makes you feel comfortable, and is willing to work within your budget. 

Which package should I select? 

Photographers offer a variety of packages. Select one that will be sure to cover everything you need that fits within your budget. If you can't find the perfect one, I will work with you to come up with a custom package!

How Many Photos Will I Get?

It is important to have a large variety of photos to choose from. I don't limit the number of photos you get from your wedding, and you will receive  a large variety of crops and compositions. Some will be closeup portraits, some will be farther away and include the lanscape or architecture around you, and many will be somewhere in between. No matter what your preference, you will have plenty to choose from!

Why Should I Choose Cailin Barry Photography?

I put in the time, and I truly care about the quality of your images. Not only does wedding itself take careful planning to ensure the proper lighting and equipment is used, but hours of editing must happen behind the scenes to produce the high quality images that you deserve!

 It is my goal to make sure you feel relaxed and have fun while being photographed. I like to have fun! Work is boring if you can't have a good time... It's a bit too much like work! If you can't have fun and relax while having your picture taken, they will come off forced and stiff.